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TDP Lamp

The unique formulation of infra-red rays and mineral formation penetrated into the human body promotes the metabolism, regulating physiological deficiencies, diminishing inflammation and easing pain.

Chinese Tuina Massage

This is a deep tissue massage used in conjunction with Acupuncture, it is used to stimulate pressure points or other parts of the body surface to correct physiological imbalance in the body and achieve curative effects.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is suitable for treatment of all types of pains including Arthritic problems, as well as being a very good treatment for all types of problems with the respiratory system, including Asthma, Coughs, and Colds


The “Moxa” herb is a very relaxing herb, but has a stimulating effect when placed on the acupuncture needles. It is widely used as an integral part of an acupuncture treatment.

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear candles are an ancient, mild and natural therapy and have been used by the Native American Indian for many years. Treatments can often address sinusitis rhinitis, earwax, earache and irritation of the ears including tinnitus.

CryoPen Treatment

Skin tags are small, protruding sections of skin that can grow in eyelids, neck, the groin area, armpits, and other places on the body. While they are harmless, people who have them often think they are unsightly. CryoPen treatment can effectively remove skin tags, warts, veruccas and stretch marks.

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What our customers say

Just a quick note to thank you for the treatment I received from you last week. My left shoulder had been painful for about 2 weeks and I was starting to get on my wife’s nerves as trying to get comfortable at night was difficult. I had acupuncture a few years ago and I thought I would give it another go. The treatment I received was excellent and very relaxing. I have a genuine fear of needles but I can honestly say that I could not feel any of the needles and was more than happy to have them in arms and hands where I could see them.

The acupuncture coupled with the massage and the ultra sound really did the trick and whilst the pain has not gone completely it’s much better than it was. I am looking forward to my next session this week. The permanent needle in my ear has gone down a storm at home. My wife says I have been much calmer and I haven’t shouted at the kids once this weekend (a very unusual occurrence in our house). Karen is very calming and reassuring and you feel that you can really trust her and she puts you at ease the moment you walk through the door.

Testimonial 6

After my One 2 One with Karen last week I would like to say how much I enjoyed her taster of receiving acupuncture.

It was very informative and relaxing and any initial anxieties were taken away.

I shall have no hesitation in recommending her – a great form of alternative medicine.

Testimonial 5

I would like to compliment Karen on her professionalism with how she conducts her business.

The premises at Inkberrow surgery is a lovely location and I was immediately at ease when I visited there.

In one word – ‘professional’!

Testimonial 4

I would like to say thank you for all the help you have given Cathy Swanson after her horse riding accident.

She has been to see you on numerous occasions and has always come back from her acupuncture sessions complimenting you on how much less pain she is in and how the tension in the muscles around the break in her arm has been greatly relieved.

Also she also comments when she has an upcoming appointment how much she is looking forward to it.

Testimonial 3 – Cathy Swanson

I felt compelled to write to you following a most “enlightening” meeting that we had this afternoon at my office.

As I mentioned prior to our meeting, I am well known for being sceptical of anything that I would consider “alternative” – however I have certainly changed my opinion where your work is concerned.

I was very impressed with your professionalism, the depth of knowledge that you demonstrated and medical training that you can draw on. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to my clients, friends and family, indeed I would positively encourage them to contact you. Thanks again for your time this afternoon.

Testimonial 2

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for spending time with me last Friday.

As you know I was very nervous about having the treatment, mainly due to my aversion to needles. However you quickly put me at ease and made the whole experience almost enjoyable!

Due to your professional approach and the remarkable effect the treatment has already had, I would have absolutely no hesitation in referring both family, friends and my clients to you in the future.

Testimonial 1
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