CryoPen Treatment

Skin tags are small, protruding sections of skin that can grow in eyelids, neck, the groin area, armpits, and other places on the body. While they are harmless, people who have them often think they are unsightly.

The Treatment:

Our Cosmetic Nurse will discuss your specific needs and devise a treatment programme for you.

With the CryoPen, millimetre accuracy is achieved by simply pointing the micro-fine jet of cryogen towards the exact area of skin to be treated. The application is both quick and precise, meaning that more lesions can be treated during each session, reducing the number of return visits. As the Cryopen is so precise you’ll see results immediately and return treatments are minimal, depending on the number and type of lesions you want removed.

CryoPen treatment can effectively remove the following:

  • Skin tags.
  • Warts.
  • Veruccas.
  • Stretch marks.