Glycolic Peels

What is a Glycolic Peel?

The Glycolic Peel is the application of various tried and tested acids to remove dead cells from the surface and stimulate the growth of new healthy cells.

This is a light to medium strength peel ensuring maximum effect and will significantly reduced fine lines and blemishes revealing a fresher complexion by using a stronger concentrate of Alpha-Hydroxl acid than used in regular salon treatments.

It is a quick and safe way to soften and improve the appearance of skin without the use of surgery.

The process smoothes softens and rejuvenates damaged skin and stimulates new cell growth. It is indicated for patients with sun damage, acne scarring, melasma, moderate wrinkling and actinic damage.

The Treatment:

The procedure is quick and straight forward. Special acids are applied to the skin and the treatment is almost pain free although some stinging or a burning sensation may be experienced.

For optimal results your skin must be primed for at least two weeks before treatment using specially selected products – your practitioner will advise.

Down time is minimal.

The Benefits:

  • Complexion will be softer, brighter, fresher and firmer after the 1st treatment;
  • Virtually no downtime involved – clients are able to apply mineral based make up half an hour following treatment;
  • Helps with blackhead and acne reduction;
  • Evens skin tone;
  • Helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Please contact Karen (AcuKare) for further information and to book a free consultation with our Cosmetic Nurse who will discuss your requirements and advise accordingly.

A course of treatments is always recommended by the AcuKare Medical Spa, and following the 1st treatment with our Cosmetic Nurse, clients will be provided with DCL skin care products. Please contact us now to book your free consultation.