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Plasma Pen

A.C.C.O.R Cosmetic Corrector


The ACCOR ® Cosmetic Corrector creates a miniscule electrical arc at its tip, this is the plasma acr. When the plasma arc touches the skin, (a solid) it Vaporises (creates a gas) thus creating a micromillimeter-sized dot on the skin’s surface (sublimation), this dot minimally tightens the skin in the surrounding vicinity.

Effect on the Skin

Several pints are applied together to create a reduction grid through the application of these reduction grids on the skin. This can lead to excess skin being tightened and results in the area of skin being treated becoming considerably tightened.

Areas of application:

  1. Upper and Lower Eyelid, Crows Feet and Glabella lifting – without surgery
  2. Scar tissue improvement
  3. Minimizing unwanted pigmentation, such as freckle, aging Spots, moles or birthmarks
  4. Removal of skin tags
  5. Removal or correction of permanent make up or small tattoos

Post treatment effects

For the majority of treatments there is very little downtime, however if you are having Eyelids or treatments to the face be aware of swelling and bruising. Due to the body’s natural response mechanisms temporary swelling and bruising may last from 3-7 days before subsiding naturally.

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